The Importance of Hope in Crisis

2 September 2020


This month, HART’s focus is on, “Hope in Crisis.”

The concept of hope plays an important role in our work across the world and inspires everything we do. As many of our partners continue to tackle some of the most difficult challenges facing humanity today, a key motivation is hope. Hope that these challenges can be overcome, hope that conflict and suffering will end and hope that others will join us to speak up for the voiceless.

HART’s work in Nagorno Karabakh is one example of how hope can inspire change. Emerging from the ashes of war in 1998, HART partner Vardan Tadevosyan established the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre, which sought to combat the stigma surrounding disabled persons and drastically improve the lives of those once thought to be unable to enjoy and contribute to life. More than 20 years on, the Centre is an internationally recognised medical facility which treats more than 1,600 patients a year. Without Vardan’s hope for a better future, this would not have been possible.

HART believes that in order to ensure our support directly meets the priorities of our partner communities, it must directly involve the local people it seeks to support. By working through local partners, we ensure that the support we provide maintains their dignity, meets the priorities of the communities themselves, avoids upsetting the local economy and celebrates their achievements. Yet none of this work would be possible without the hope of the communities we support. It is ultimately these communities who harbour an unwavering and unbreakable hope for the future which motivates them to strive for better amidst the toughest of situations.

Furthermore, hope is vital as the fuel for HART’s advocacy work, particularly when we speak up for those who are truly voiceless. Through our annual partner visits, HART collects up-to-date accounts of the situation on the grounds where our partners work. Through this, HART is committed to speaking truth to power and advocating for those most in need, regardless of the political turmoil and opposition this may provoke. Our recent advocacy work on behalf of the Syrian people is an example of our unwavering commitment to speak up for those without a voice, who contradict the established narrative but find little support for their views.

Finally, we believe that hope plays a key role in motivating our supporters. Whether you donate money, time or energy to HART, you are doing so with hope for a better future.

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