Can Sudan’s Elections take place without Peace?

25 March 2015

The national elections in Sudan are scheduled to take place in April 2015. As the date nears, there is growing concern with the credibility of the elections in the context of the many present issues. Many believe that a genuinely inclusive national dialogue is an essential precursor to elections taking place, in order to address the issues that hold back the credibility of the proposed elections and that of the present government.

The APG (Associate Parliamentary Group) on Sudan and South Sudan organised an event on this subject on 11th March 2015. The event – ‘Can Sudan’s Elections take place without Peace?’ – offered analysts, parliamentarians, members of the Sudanese diaspora and others a chance to discuss the merits and problems of holding elections in Sudan in the context of conflict.

Baroness Caroline Cox, who presented her findings and thoughts on this issue following her recent trip to Blue Nile and Dame Rosalind Marsden, who offered her viewpoints, led the panel discussion. The presentations were then followed by an open discussion as members of the public shared their perspectives and experiences.

You can read or download the full briefing of the event below.



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