Good news from friends in South Sudan

April 19th, 2013

Good news from friends in South Sudan


Twenty years ago Abraham’s brother and sister in law were captured as slaves by Arab raiders from north Sudan, their son who was 3 years old was not captured but was separated from his parents. Many of the couples friends and neighbours were killed during the raid. Five more children were born into slavery and Abraham’s brother ‘suffered with his wife through difficulties of raising young kids through the hardship of working as the salve to the enemies.’

This week HART received an email from Abraham with some wonderful news. Through selling cows Abraham and his family were able to pay for traders to redeem and secretly transport his brother’s family home. Abraham describes the reunion: ‘We welcomed them and kissed them with flowing tears of Joy and great happiness as it was like a dream.’

In the HART office we were incredibly moved by this news and are so happy for Abraham, his brother and their families. It is always wonderful to hear individuals stories of hope from the areas in which we work. HART’s remit is to support forgotten people in their suffering, but we also love to celebrate alongside them in their triumphs!

Megan Rowland

By Megan Rowland

Megan is currently volunteering as our Advocacy and Communications Assistant.

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