Genocide Amendment: What Happens Next?

26 January 2021


On Tuesday 19th January 2021, the House of Lords All Party Genocide Amendment was narrowly defeated in the House of Commons by a Government majority of 11. The Genocide Amendment will now return to the House of Lords where it will be revised and edited. If these revisions are agreed, the Amendment will go back to the House of Commons for another vote.

It would only take 6 members of the Conservative Party to change their minds for the Amendment to pass and give the High Court the task of deciding whether a Genocide is being perpetrated by the states which the UK is trading or is considering trading with.

Whilst it is disheartening that the Commons did not approve the Genocide Amendment last week, we cannot stop in our efforts to ensure that the UK does not trade with the perpetrators of Genocide. Those responsible for the, “crime of all crimes,” should always be held accountable.

Thankfully, this campaign is far from over. This is an initiative without party affiliation and the narrow margin by which the last amendment was defeated shows that many Conservative MPs are willing to rebel against the Party Whip on this issue.

That is why we need your help now more than ever. It is up to you as a constituent to check how your MP voted. If they voted no, please ask them to think again if the amendment is returned to the House of Commons.

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