HART Prize For Human Rights

The HART Prize for Human Rights is a prestigious competition for young people across the world

Who can enter

We run two competitions each year from November-March, ‘Creative’ and ‘Essay’, and we welcome submissions from anyone aged:

  • 11-14 (Junior Category)
  • 15-18 (Intermediate Category)
  • 19-25 (Senior Category)

Why take part

  • Research a topic you’re passionate about
  • Share real-life stories of courage in adversity
  • Help your friends think critically about human rights
  • Raise awareness of issues that aren’t in the news

You could win

  • A cash prize
  • A signed book
  • Work experience with HART
  • Tea in the House of Lords with Baroness Cox

How to enter

For more information about the HART Prize for Human Rights, including dates of future competitions, please email:

Application & further information

Information Pack


Entry Form


Terms and Conditions


Suggested Essay Questions




A selection of winning artwork from the HART Prize for Human Rights

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