A Petition from the People of Nuba Mountains across the Globe On the 4th Anniversary of the Second Genocide, June the 6th, 2015

12 June 2015

To the UN Secretary General, President of the United States, US Administration, European Union, UN Security Council, African Union, and the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, Norway, and Canada:

The undersigned representatives of the Nuba Mountains civil society organizations across the globe, our Sudanese partners, and peace loving friends worldwide, write on this 4th anniversary of the second genocide in Nuba Mountains/South Kordofan of Sudan to share the grievance of the Nuba peoples.

In the last three decades, the National Congress Party (NCP) regime of Khartoum has committed five genocides:

South Sudan (1980s-2005) Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile (1990s-2005) Darfur (2003 until the present) Eastern Sudan (1994-2005) Now again in the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile (2011 until the present)

Collectively, these crimes have resulted in the displacement of over 5 million people and the deaths of nearly 3 million people, the largest state-sponsored ethnic cleansing and genocide since WWII.

The NCP deliberately prevents food, water, medical and school supplies from reaching civilians. They use denial of food as a weapon against civilians in all the war-affected areas of Sudan, especially in the 85% of Nuba Mountain land controlled by SPLA freedom fighters.

We therefore urgently ask the United States, United Nations, European Union and African Union promptly to take the following actions:

  1. Reconsider and reform the policy of pressuring victims of Sudan’s aggression to make deals with that oppressive dictatorship. Negotiations with the NCP should be in the USA and include Nuba civil society groups. Decades of “peace negotiations” with Khartoum have led only to weak resolutions descending repeatedly into broken commitments, numerous unresolved issues, and further deadly conflicts.
  2. Prevent aerial attacks on civilians either by imposition of a no-fly zone, destruction of the NCP aerial assets, or by other means, such as support to those who fighting to protect civilians and promote freedom and democracy.
  3. Retain sanctions against the NCP, as well as the listing of Sudan as a country harboring and supporting terrorism. Any fines for sanction violations should go to people affected by the genocide i.e. Nuba Mountains, Darfur and Blue Nile.
  4. Work with the UN Security Council and Department for Peacekeeping to create, monitor and deliver sufficient humanitarian aid to all civilians in need.
  5. Use all available, necessary means to persuade and pressure the Sudan government to do the following:
  • Permit immediate and unconditional access for international humanitarian aid, including both personnel and supplies to vulnerable and displaced populations.
  • Comply with civil rights norms under the regional and international conventions, particularly those of freedom of assembly, association, press, religion and speech, and those prohibiting and preventing violence against children, women and girls.
  • Recognize Sudan’s cultural diversity and establish institutions to assure separation of religion and State, and to respect the rights of Christians and churches in Sudan.
  • Acknowledge the right to equal citizenship and establish it through a real constitution.
  • Withdraw all NCP forces, militias, and foreign terrorist mercenaries from the region.
  • Come to new political, wealth sharing and security arrangements that meet the expectations of the people of the Nuba Mountains. These procedures should be monitored and observed by the national community under chapter 7 mandate.
  • Release all detainees, war prisoners, and those who have been indiscriminately arrested because of their ethnicity, opinions, religious or political affiliations.
  • Fulfill obligations to the ICC by surrendering to the court those subject to arrest warrants, including Al-Bashir, imposed governor and war criminal Ahmed Haroun, and other suspects.

The people of Nuba Mountains across the world call upon you to stand up for the rights of the Nuba Mountains. Together, we publicly condemn the fourth year of the Government of Sudan’s second genocide against its own civilians, the peoples in the Nuba Mountains/South Kordofan.

We appreciate your commitment to end the suffering of the Sudanese people and to bring a lasting peace and end to the suffering of the marginalized people of Sudan in particular and all Sudanese in general.


1- Nuba Mountains International Association (NIMA)- USA

2- Nuba Mountains Advocacy Group- USA

3- Nuba Mountains Center for Dialogue and Strategic Planning- UK

4- Nuba Mountains Solidarity Abroad in the UK and Northern Ireland (NMSA)

5- Nuba Mountains Association- France

6- Nuba Christian Family Mission- USA

7- Blue Nile Sons Association- USA

8- Sudanese Marginalized Forum-USA

9- Nubia Project, USA

10- The Baroness Cox, of Queensbury, House of LordsUK

11- Act For Sudan- USA

12- Faith McDonnell, Director, Church Alliance for a New Sudan & Religious Liberty Program, Institute on Religion & Democracy, Washington, DC, USA

13- Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry, National Presiding Minister, The House of the Lord Churches Brooklyn, NY, USA

14- Monica Feltz, Executive Director, International Justice Project – USA

15- Samantha Hudson ,Advocacy and Communications Co-coordinator Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust- UK

16- Eric Cohen, Chairperson ,Investors Against Genocide, Boston, MA, USA

17- Massachusetts Coalition to Save Darfur, William Rosenfeld, Director, Boston, MA, USA

18- Al Sutton M.D. African Freedom Coalition – USA

19- Kimberly Hollingsworth, Founder, Humanity Is Us New York, NY, USA

20- Slater Armstrong, Joining Our Voices, USA

21- Cory Williams, Darfur and Beyond, Phoenix, AZ, USA

22- Neiki Ullah, New York Coalition for Sudan – USA

23-  Eileen Weiss, Co-Founder, Jews against Genocide, New York, NY, USA

24- KTJ Scott, Stop Genocide Now- USA

25- Melanie Nelkin, Chair, Georgia Coalition to Prevent Genocide-Georgia, USA

26- David Rosenberg, Coordinator, Pittsburgh Darfur Emergency Coalition-Pittsburgh, PA, USA

27- Richard Sribinck, MD, Chairman, Darfur Action Group of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA

28- Laura Limuli, Coordinator, Brooklyn Coalition for Darfur & Marginalized Sudan, Brooklyn, NY, USA

29- Martha Boshnick, Darfur Interfaith Network- USA

30- Never Again Coalition, Portland, OR,  USA

31- Emmanuel Gai Solomon, Dekalb International Student Center, Atlanta, GA, USA

32-  ACAVIE Association- Spain

33- Nuba Mountains civil Society organizations- Africa

34- Nuba Mountains Association- Israel

35- Nuba Mountains community- Asia

36- Rif Development- France

37- Nuba Mountains Welfare Association- UK

38- Tabaldia Rehabilitation and Relief Organization (TRADO)- UK

39- Green Kordofan Organization- UK

40- Nuba People Foundation- UK

41- Human Rights and Development Organization (HUDO)- UK


  • Gogadi Amoga “Amin Ismail” 513-293-7914 (USA)
  • Komi Elaiaiser 571-492-1814 (USA)
  • Sallam Tutu (UK)
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