HART Report into The Arms Trade and Sudan: Uncovering the Major Arms Exporters and the Human Rights Abuses They Support

11 May 2015

A new report from Jack Lindsay at HART, bringing together evidence from multiple sources and investigations, highlights how the international arms trade is fuelling conflict in Sudan and enabling the al-Bashir regime to carry out human rights abuses on a grand scale.

Despite various international sanctions put in place by the U.N and other supranational bodies including the E.U, the Sudanese Government has been able to engage in armed conflict with anti-government groups and terrorise its own people using weapons sourced from abroad. In selling arms to Al-Bashir, these countries are effectively supporting a militarist regime as it contravenes international law and carries out crimes against humanity.

More pressure needs to be applied both here in the UK and abroad to ensure the international community makes it harder for weapons to be sold to the Sudanese Government, while a grassroots boycott and divestment campaign is perhaps one way in which the arms trade can be made less lucrative and therefore less viable in the long term.

Please read the full report (available for download below) for details on those selling arms to Sudan and how those arms are being used against the Sudanese people in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile regions.

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