An Update on the Lady Cox Disability Rehabilitation Centre

13 November 2020


Whilst the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre in Stepanakert remains evacuated, HART is pleased to report that the building itself has not been damaged. Unlike many hospitals in the region, the Centre was not hit by Azerbaijani or Turkish bombings during the conflict.

HART is also pleased to say that the inspirational founder and director of the Centre, Mr Vardan Tadevosyan, is safe and well, although emotionally he has suffered greatly.

Vardan, alongside three other staff members, remained in Stepanakert throughout the conflict. Together they helped to treat and care for those injured by the indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas and aid other medical professionals in the city.

Vardan has now joined his team in Yerevan to help co-ordinate and oversee the continuing treatment of some of the most vulnerable members of the community.

As we reported earlier this month, the Centre’s patients with disabilities were all evacuated to Armenia. Unfortunately, as is the nature of rehabilitation, even the smallest delay in treatment can have hugely detrimental consequences for patients. Therefore, the Centre’s staff have been doing what they can to care for them and keep them on track.

Baroness Cox and our Project Logistics Manager David Thomas met with Vardan and four staff members in Yerevan this week. At the time of the conversation, two revealed they had family members fighting on the front line.

HART is now concentrating on funds for caring for the people with disabilities who continue to be displaced and to help keep Vardan’s team functioning. Moreover, HART is focusing on providing additional funds to displaced people generally, many of whom do not know whether they have a home to return to.

As always, HART remains committed to providing advocacy and aid for our partners in Nagorno Karabakh and continuing to support our valiant partner Vardan Tadevosyan’s work with people with disabilities.

The work of caring for the disabled will continue.

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