Armenia: New partnership brings hope to Nagorno Karabakh refugees

21 March 2024

HART is proud to partner with the Tekeyan Centre Fund (TCF), as they provide crucial support to families who have been forcibly displaced from their homes in Nagorno Karabakh. Our initiatives help to sustain the needs and restore the hope of hundreds, as they rebuild their lives in Armenia.

Provision of food and hygiene

TCF recently delivered essential food and hygiene provisions to 106 families, benefiting a total of 563 individuals. Each family received a month’s worth of supplies, comprising necessary items like detergent, toilet tissue, flour, sugar and grains.

Housing programme

Families seeking refuge in Armenia have had to leave their homes, livelihoods, and a great number of their possessions behind – arriving with only the items they could carry. This has meant that housing insecurity is high among displaced families. Many find themselves without the means to earn a living and unable to pay rent.

TCF responds to their needs by renovating dwellings for refugees. Since the project’s initiation in November 2023, two buildings have been transformed: One single-family dwelling, and one building large enough to hold six families. Homes are provided rent-free for a three-year period, allowing time for families to start earning an income and establish a life for themselves.

Sustainable livelihoods

TCF’s support extends beyond the provision of shelter. The land connected to each property offers opportunities for cultivation. Residents are empowered to earn a living. With plans to equip them with farming essentials, tools, poultry, and seeds in the coming spring, TCF ensures that these families not only find refuge but also the means to thrive. The programme combines rent-free living with farming tools. It fosters benfeciaries’ indepence and financial stability.

House in the process of renovation

Stories of resilience

Among these beneficiaries stands the Danielyans family. Now a family of five, having lost a son and a son-in-law to conflict, they are supported by the housing programme. With a renovated cottage in Nor Artamet, they have a chance to rebuild and heal from their painful experiences.

In partnership with TCF, HART reaffirms its commitment to standing with the displaced – providing not just relief but the opportunity to step towards a brighter tomorrow. We are proud to witness the transformation of lives and revival of hope as our partners provide practical support to refugee families in Armenia.

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