Baroness Cox writes to Alicia Kearns MP, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, calling for an inquiry into the Nagorno Karabakh security situation

13 January 2023

On 12 January, our Founder President Baroness Cox wrote to Alicia Kearns MP, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, to ask that the committee 1) launches an inquiry into the Nagorno Karabakh security situation, 2) presents a report of these findings to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development office as a matter of urgency, and 3) meets with members of the Armenian diaspora to assess the truth behind Azerbaijan’s misinformation campaign.

The blockade of the Lachin Corridor by so-called Azerbaijani eco-activists has now been held for one month. The 120,000 residents of the Artsakh Republic are facing the dire economic, humanitarian, and healthcare consequences of this disconnection from the outside world. Reports have emerged that:

Shortages have led to the indefinite closing of Kindergartens, and UNICEF have issued a statement of concern regarding the impact of the blockade on children’s access to survival necessities. They have not yet been allowed to enter Nagorno Karabakh to care for children in need.

Very few patients have been able to leave Nagorno Karabakh in Red Cross transportation for necessary medical treatment. Many other patients, including those in need of chemotherapy as they battle cancer, cannot travel past the blockade to Armenian medical facilities.

Damage to the only electricity supply line from Armenia to Artsakh (running along the Lachin Corridor) has resulted in rolling power blackouts in the region as they attempt to conserve their supply. Access to damaged sections of the line to make repairs has not been permitted.

We encourage all supporters and friends of HART in the UK to write to their MPs and repeat the requests put forward by Baroness Cox. The process of another Armenian Genocide must stop now.

Read the letter below:

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