HART Prize for Human Rights 2018| ‘Our Prayers, Our Rights, Our Pencil’

22 March 2018

With the most number of entries we’ve ever received, the competition was even harder with such exceptional submissions that demonstrated inspiring passion for Human Rights advocacy.

Maria Georgiana Sophie Giles, 13, won 3rd place in our HART Prize for Human Rights Junior Creative Category 2018 with her sculpture titled:

Our Prayers, Our Rights, Our Pencil


My piece is based on education in Myanmar, Burma. My sculpture shows the delicate hand of a child, grasping tight to a pencil, saying that it is their right to have access to education. The white pencil represents the pure, beautiful souls of children and how with education they can flourish. The inscription on the wrist is a Buddhist prayer for safety and protection. The colour of clay represents our connection to nature.

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