Children ‘scattered and displaced’ by religious conflict in central Nigeria

11 July 2023

Religious conflict in central Nigeria has claimed up to 22,000 lives in 14 years. Millions of people have been forced to flee their homes. Many children cannot go to school, at the expense of their education.

The crisis rarely hits our headlines. But with your support, HART’s local partners continue to help people in need. They provide medical care to patients who cannot visit a hospital, and education to children who cannot travel to school.

WATCH: Message to HART supporters from our local partner, Hassan John

The security situation is very, very volatile. There is no humanitarian aid from the Nigerian or UK Government.


Through our advocacy, HART seeks to amplify the voice of people like Hassan John. He has visited over 100 villages in central Nigeria and witnessed the devastating impact of violence on innocent civilians. He says: “The security situation is very, very volatile. [There is] no humanitarian aid from the Nigerian or UK Government. Will these people ever find help? Will they ever find justice?”

Your support has enabled HART to support victims of religious conflict. Four ‘Roads to Hope’ vans have been deployed to displacement camps and host villages across central Nigeria. The vans are equipped with books, pens, a whiteboard, an electronic monitor and a solar-powered generator. “Children have been scattered and displaced”, says Hassan. “But the education vans and supplies have brought them together in one place.”

WATCH: ‘Everything burned’ during attack in Tegbe village

Children have been scattered and displaced. But the education vans and supplies have brought them together in one place.


As stationary health care facilities remain under constant threat, plans are underway to expand our ‘Roads to Hope’ project to include healthcare vans. This will enable life-saving relief to victims of religious conflict, while volunteer medical staff (displaced persons themselves) will deliver essential healthcare training among the displaced community.

HART is proud to stand alongside people who are caught in the crossfire of religious conflict. We champion their solutions for sustainable change. We celebrate their vision for a brighter future. Our local partners in Nigeria stand as beacons of hope within their communities.

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