First South Kordofan/ Blue Nile Protection Report for 2015 Published

21 January 2015

The South Kordofan Blue Nile Coordination Unit (SKBN CU) has published the first protection report for 2015, covering the period 16 December 2014- 15 January 2015.


Blue Nile: In Blue Nile, a widespread aerial bombardment campaign occurred on December 17th, 2014, in areas closest to the conflict front lines, which resulted in civilian households moving away from their villages to the riversides. The fighting between SPLA-iO and SPLA in and around Jamam in Upper Nile state continues to increased the sense of insecurity in the large Blue Nile refugee community in Maban county, with movements out of Bunj (Maban town) to Doro as well as movements of households into Blue Nile state for security being reported by CU informants.

South Kordofan: An intensive bombing campaign commenced in Southern Kordofan in January, mostly in Heiban and Umdorein Counties, in advance of large scale ground offensives by the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and associated Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

A second ground offensive moved from Kadugli towards Umsirdiba from January 9th with SAF and allied militia simultaneously attacking Daloka (on the road to Buram) and Al Ginaiziya (on the main road to Kauda). SPLA-N declared, on Wednesday January 15th, that it again controlled Al Ginaiziya with the SAF/allied militia reportedly moving back to Kadugli. As a result of these offensives, the CU received unconfirmed reports from local authorities that destruction of civilian facilities such as homes, health clinics, churches and mosques was evident in the locations affected by the conflict.

Download the full report below.

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