Food Aid Feeds Thousands in Blue Nile

30 April 2018

Emergency food aid funded by Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART) has been successfully delivered to 9,000 displaced people facing starvation in Blue Nile State, Sudan. HART visited the area in January 2018, and issued an urgent appeal for £50,000 for sorghum (the common grain) and cooking oil for families forced to flee from violent conflict.

People living in Blue Nile areas administered by SPLM-N (Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North) have consistently suffered severe food shortages because the Government of Sudan denies access by aid organisations. Their problems have recently been exacerbated by internal fighting within SPLM-N and by severe flooding.

HART partners with local organisation New Sudan Council of Churches (NSCC) who undertake humanitarian work in marginalised areas of Sudan. Without this partnership, the delivery of aid would be significantly more expensive and less efficient. We are deeply grateful to NSCC for their very hard work, competence, dedication and professionalism in purchasing and organising safe and secure delivery of the food aid to families in urgent need.

Benjamin Kuku, executive director of NSCC thanks HART supporters who generously donated:

“With great joy, appreciation and gratitude from our heart, we would like to register our thanks to HART supporters for the enormous humanitarian assistance that you sent to the most vulnerable people in Wadaka Payam, Blue Nile state – Sudan.

Your assistance has reached the neediest among the displaced persons in Wadaka. These are the people who were initially in Danfona and they were targeted by a rebel faction within the SPLA-N and fled to Wadaka. These people were desperate because they escaped death in a horrendous manner.

Your help has saved many lives, you have shown love and mercy to the forgotten, marginalized and persecuted people on the planet today; your compassion is been shared among the most vulnerable and they will remember you and we will remember this historical juncture of our struggle for survival forever.”

Food aid for blue nile
Bags of Sorghum ready to be sent to displaced people residing in Wadaka

Hawa was one of the beneficiaries of the aid.

We fled from our homes in Danfona without anything, I have lost my child and do not know where he is at the moment, there is no news about him, and I do not know whether he is alive. I thank HART for their human heart, you are able to share with us your love and your sympathy during our difficult time. We thank you so much for this assistance, you saved many lives that otherwise would have to suffer and die from hunger and starvation, we have got nothing; and our local host community in Wadaka experienced a bad harvest this season, they have nothing to share with us.

We pray that your assistance will take us three months ahead until the rainy season where we shall be in a better position to live from wild fruits, wild roots and leaves from the green trees in the forest. We can not ask for more than what you did, but we are still vulnerable to violence and natural calamities. May God bless you.


Sorghum Blue Nile
Sharing out the sorghum in Wadaka

Read HART’s report following the visit to Blue Nile here.


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