Food shortages in Sudan: A first-hand account

21 August 2023

Listen as a beneficiary of HART assistance tells us about her experience in the Nuba Mountains

“We are still suffering. We do not have anything to eat.”

Over 20,000 people have fled to the Nuba Mountains since the outbreak of violence in Khartoum – joining refugees arriving from conflict in Ethiopia and from refugee camps in South Sudan, where inadequate resources have caused further displacement. This has put pressure on the local people’s already-limited resources, and the increased demand has impacted the price of food in local markets.

HART’s local partner responded to the crisis by deploying 12 trucks to the Nuba Mountains, which provided 7,091 people with life-saving food assistance.

“We thank you so much again for what you have helped us. I pray that God might help you to continue to give us what you have.” 

Help families in Sudan when they face sudden crises. Just £25 each month could provide food assistance to a family of four in Sudan.

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