HART and the Chin people, Western Burma

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HART and the Chin people, Western Burma


HART and the Chin people, Western Burma

The Chin people of north western Burma suffer from the presence of the Burmese army units stationed in or near every village.

In this environment, intimidation and persecution can flourish unimpeded. No state education is  provided beyond Grade 10, indigenous languages are banned and state medical facilities are virtually non-existent in rural areas.

Since 2007, HART has supported two border clinics, Champai and Zokhawthar, on the India-Burma border; and in 2010 started supporting a third, at Saikhum. HART provides around half the running costs for Champai and Zokhawthar, and a third of the running costs of Saikhum. Our funds support nurses’ salaries and the costs of ‘back-pack’ mobile clinics which cross into Chin State to provide health care to remote communities with no provision by the Burmese authorities, together with medicines, mosquito nets, and other equipment.

During 2010, HART also funded approximately 70% of the running costs of the Chin Refugee Committee, which lobbies on behalf of the Chin people and is based in Delhi, India.

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