HART Joins Calls for Peace and Security in Sudan with Letter to U.S. Senate

29 November 2021

HART Founder President Baroness Cox has co-signed a letter to the US Senate calling for peace and security in Sudan in light of the recent military coup. The letter reads as follows:


Dear Chairman Reed and Ranking Member Inhofe,

We, the undersigned 38 organizations and individuals who work on issues of human rights in Sudan, write to urge you to include the Sudan Democracy Act (Amendment 4816) in the manager’s package to the NDAA or to bring the amendment to a floor vote.

The Sudan Democracy Act will mandate the imposition of targeted sanctions against individual actors or entities who undermine freedom, peace, and justice, violate human rights, or impede  a civilian-led democratic transition in Sudan. The military coup on October 25 in Sudan and subsequent and ongoing violent action by security forces against civilians represent violations the amendment seeks to address and deter.

The agreement signed by General Burhan and Prime Minister Hamdok on November 21 cannot be seen as a resolution. Despite Hamdok’s reinstatement as Prime Minister, the government remains predominantly in military control. Large numbers of politicians and activists are still detained. Violence on the day the agreement was signed brings the confirmed death toll of civilians by military forces to 41 since the coup began. Arrests of activists and resistance committee members continue. The total number of those detained, harmed and killed remains unclear due to the internet blackout, with reports now surfacing of mass casualties and the destruction of villages in Darfur.

These and other actions are a clear sign that the military continues to be a threat to Sudan, hindering democratic transformation, economic recovery and stability, a new bilateral relationship with the U.S., and ultimately regional peace and security.

Despite these challenges, Sudan’s  peaceful protesters will not give up. In the face of grave danger and unrelenting violations to their rights and freedoms, millions continue to come out on the streets across Sudan in protest to military rule.

Following the ousting of Bashir in 2019, the U.S. has played a crucial role in supporting the Sudanese people’s desire for freedom, peace, justice and democracy. Including Amendment 4816 in the manager’s package to the NDAA or allowing a floor vote will demonstrate continued and significant support at a time when support is desperately needed. Impunity emboldened the Sudanese military to stage the coup and it will continue to commit crimes and human rights violations against the Sudanese people, block democratic transformation, and essentially hold the country hostage unless they are held to account.

As Senator Coons stated, General Burhan and the military have “unleash[ed] security forces to gun down dozens of peaceful protestors in the streets. This is unacceptable and unconscionable, and those responsible must be held accountable for the blood on their hands.” We agree, and we ask you to continue to stand by the people of Sudan. Please include the Sudan Democracy Act (Amendment 4816) in the manager’s package to the NDAA or bring the amendment to a floor vote.




The Sentry

Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect

Sudanese American Public Affairs Association

Sudanese American Physicians Association

Act for Sudan

Sudan NexGen

Association of Sudanese-American Professors in America

Sudan Unlimited

Never Again Coalition

Jewish World Watch

Humanity United Action

Unflinching Hope Worldwide

Al Khatim Adlan Centre for Enlightenment and Human Development

Darfur and Beyond

Nubia Project

Pittsburgh Darfur Emergency Coalition

Darfur Action Group of South Carolina

Project Expedite Justice

NY Coalition for Sudan

Investors Against Genocide

Concerned Citizens for Change

Use You Voice to Stop Genocide RI

Massachusetts Coalition to Save Darfur

Sustainable Development Response Organization

US Educated Sudanese Association

Brooklyn Coalition for Darfur and Marginalized Sudan

Center for International Private Enterprise

University of Gezira Alumni Association in North America

Association for the Sudanese Abroad in Support of the Uprising

Our Humanity in the Balance

Global Media Max



Baroness Cox, Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust, UK

Jehanne Henry, Independent human rights lawyer

Sally Elatta, CEO, Agility Health

Mohamed Yassin Khalifa, Educator and Human Rights Activist

Abdelaziz Ali, Freelance Communications Consultant

Albaqir al-Affif Mukhtar, Director, KACE

Najlaa El Khalifa, Human Rights Advocate


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