HART Prize for Human Rights Internship Reflection

25 February 2019

It was an immense privilege to intern for four months at HART. Immediately the office team felt like family this was due to the very intimate size. I was given so much responsibility regarding the HART Prize for Human Rights, enabling me to develop skills and making me feel valued and trusted. Significantly I had the chance to develop my public speaking as I spoke to over 2200 students, presenting on 16 occasions. I am thankful for the team always being supportive ensuring no task seemed daunting. The internship was dynamic and varied from the office to the classroom, from Canva to Excel, from marketing to marking!


I was encouraged to shape the internship to meet my needs and desires; HART was wonderful at recognising it was as much about HART gaining as it was about myself gaining.


A special thanks to Caroline who despite her busy schedule she always invested in me as an individual, shared her time and endlessly gave me praise. I am in awe of her stamina and her infectious passion.


Thank you beautiful people at HART.   I am leaving HART but HART is definitely not leaving me, as it will remain etched on my heart.


Hannah Tice

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