HART’s Statement from Armenia on the Announced Ceasefire

10 November 2020


Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia have signed an agreement to end military conflict in Nagorno Karabakh, which took effect on Tuesday from 01:00 (local time).



We hope this ceasefire will bring an end to the military offensives by Azerbaijan, including the use of drones, cluster bombs and attacks on civilians.

Armenians are still deeply disturbed about the future and the lack of international support for their rights and the survival of their historic land.

As Azerbaijan has violated previous ceasefires, it is encouraging to see that Russia will be inserting monitors.

We hope that there will be thorough and effective protection by international bodies of civilian and military prisoners, given Azerbaijan’s notorious record of torture, abuse and beheadings.

We highlight and pay tribute to the amazing courage and fortitude of the Karabakh forces who have maintained military defence to this 45th day against Azerbaijan’s overwhelming military force.

HART remains committed to supporting our partners and local communities in Nagorno Karabakh.



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