How your Donations to our 2020 Emergency Appeal have made a Difference in Nagorno Karabakh

18 October 2021

Last winter, we were overjoyed to raise more than £71,000 for the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre during our supporter appeal. Since February, your generous funds have supported:

• Monthly home visits to 150 patients.

• Vital salary support for the Centre’s disability therapists, nurses and doctors.

• Daily nutritious patient meals.

• Weekly social events for child patients.

• Crucial medical supplies.

Currently, Vardan Tadevosyan (Centre Founder and Director), is most concerned about losing his valuable staff following the war in September 2020. Having received specialist, long-term training at the Centre, Vardan’s staff are now in high demand from international organisations in Armenia who are able to pay a larger salary.

Patients receive treatment at the Centre.

To replace any loss of staff would involve considerable training time from Vardan and a subsequent drop in the services that the centre is able to provide. Following our emergency appeal, Vardan has been able to supplement the minimum wage funding received from the Nagorno Karabakh government and reward his staffs’ ongoing commitment and loyalty.

Centre staff unpack much needed medical supplies.

Since the war, demand on the Centre’s services has greatly increased due to an influx of more than 200 injured soldiers. As a result, the Centre’s running costs have increased and HART’s ongoing commitment to support 1/3 of running costs has never been so crucial. A big thank you from Vardan, his staff and patients for your generous support.

Children celebrate a birthday at the Centre.

“I would like to take this chance to say thank you to HART, the HART team and HART supporters for their continued support. Not just the financial support but the moral support as well.” – Vardan Tadevosyan, Founder and Director of the Lady Cox Disability Rehabilitation Centre


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