News Round Up 01/09/2017

1 September 2017


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A refugee camp facing food shortages in Shan State (Karen News)



Armenian servicemen of the self-defense army of Nagorno-Karabakh fire an artillery shell towards Azeri forces (Foreign Policy/ AFP)



Over 100,000 have been displaced by flooding in Nigeria (Premium Times NG)


South Sudan

  • There has been a surge in crime in Juba, a city of an estimated 500 000 people, where armed robberies have claimed at least 53 lives this month and are almost twice as common as in July. Authorities are also investigating claims that soldiers are mainly responsible and blame economic upheaval linked to the almost four-year civil war that’s caused prices to soar.
  • Child marriage is increasing in South Sudan. Although such a practice is long-standing, South Sudan’s government and aid agencies say conflict-driven poverty and severe food insecurity are increasing its prevalence.
  • An American journalist, Christopher Allan, has been killed while covering clashes between government and rebel forces in restive South Sudan. Allan, a freelance reporter and photographer, was embedded with insurgent troops when fighting broke out in Kaya, near South Sudan’s southern border with Uganda. 18 others were also killed.
  • United Nations peacekeepers in South Sudan are moving more aggressively to protect civilians caught in the country’s four-year civil war, after years of criticism for failures that led to the sacking of the mission’s military chief last year.


In this photo taken Sunday, July 30, 2017, Eliza, 17, who at age 13 was forced by her father to marry a 35-year-old man from their village in exchange for 50 cattle, recounts her experience to The Associated Press in the town of Rumbek, South Sudan. (AP Photo/Mariah Quesada)



Sudanese president Al-Bashir’s regime refuses to admit that there is an outbreak of Cholera (Daily Mail)


  • East Timorese nationals are still awaiting news about their government. Parliamentary elections took place in late July, the votes have been counted but no coalition government has been negotiated, and the re-opening of parliament has been delayed. In our HART blog this week we discuss these issues and what this means for the future of Timor Leste’s stability and democracy.
Timor Leste’s voters took to the polls over a month ago and are still waiting to hear who their new government will be. (IRI)



Residents of Bulucheke Sub-County of Bududa District, in eastern Uganda, at the scene of the landslide on August 27, 2017. The nearby Sironko District was hit by a landslide on August 28. (Monitor/NMG)


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