News Round Up – 22/09/2017

22 September 2017


A woman reacts as Rohingya refugees wait to receive aid in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, September 21, 2017.  (Reuters/Cathal McNaughton)



Senator Frank Pallone recently visited Artsakh, and has recently called for more financial assistance to Nagorno-Karabakh (Wikipedia)



  • Soldiers Kill Farmer for Violating Motorcycle Ban in Adamawa – An eyewitness account reported that the deceased was shot dead while he was driving to his farm together with his two younger brothers on Wednesday when a passing military convoy opened fire on him.
  • UN condemns deadly Boko Haram attacks in Borno Read more – He said that four attacks in recent weeks, three of which were carried out by bombers, had claimed the lives of over 45 civilians and injured countless others.
  • Terror Designation for Nigerian Separatists Risks Escalation – A court proscribed the Indigenous People of Biafra, known as Ipob, designating it as a terrorist organization. The move came as tensions escalated in southeastern Nigeria, with the group’s leader, Nnamdi Kanu, threatening to disrupt state elections unless there’s a vote on secession and his supporters clashing with the security forces.
In this photo taken Sunday, May 28, 2017, members of the Biafran separatist movement gathered during an event in Umuahia, Nigeria. The members are commemorating their fallen heroes 50 years after Nigeria’s civil war saw more than 1 million die to create the state for the Igbo people. (AP Photo/Lekan Oyekanmi)




An SPLM-N truck carrying soldiers. (Wikipedia)


South Sudan

South Sudan’s army soldiers drive in a truck on the frontline in Panakuach, Unity state April 24, 2012. (Sudan Tribune/ Reuters Photo)

Timor Leste

  • East Timor swears in Mari Alkatiri as new prime minister – Speaking to hundreds of party faithful, the 68-year-old pledged to maintain good ties with neighbors Australia and Indonesia and improve public services. “I will create a better economy, education and health in Timor-Leste,” said Alkatiri.
East Timor Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri after his swearing-in ceremony in Dili, East Timor on Friday. (Lirio Da Fonseca, Reuters)



  • Ugandans Getting Poorer, States PWC Expert Report – More Ugandans have become poorer in the last five years despite the improvement in the size of the economy. Whereas government maintains that only 19.7 per cent (seven million) of Ugandans are below the poverty line, analysts claim that as many as 70 per cent of Ugandans are vulnerable and occasionally fall below the poverty line depending on the season.
  • Protests, teargas in Uganda as Museveni seeks to extend rule – The move to amend the constitution has met widespread resistance from activists, civil society organisations, religious leaders and even some members of Museveni’s own ruling party.
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. (GCIS/Eyewitness News)



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