Celebrating 10 Year Partnership with PAORINHER

22 November 2017

In October 2017, HART visited northern Uganda to celebrate a successful 10 year partnership with local organisation PAORINHER (Patongo Orphans Infants Health Rehabilitation Centre).

In 2005, HART received a desperate request by a young Ugandan from the Acholi Tribe for help as his community had suffered frequent attacks by the Lord’s Resistant Army (LRA). After an initial visit to assess the situation, HART assisted in the establishment of PAORINHER in 2007 with the primary aim of caring for orphans who were dying from starvation and disease.

As the LRA retreated and orphans were able to be cared for by relatives, the Centre changed focus to concentrate on children affected by HIV, providing holistic care for them and their families, as well as building a school for all children in the community, breaking down the stigma of people living with HIV.

10 years on and PAORINHER have many achievements:

  • The number of HIV+ children receiving health care has expanded from 33 to over 600.
  • The number of children receiving high quality education in the school associated with PAORINHER had increased 33 to over 700.
  • 320 families have received agricultural training and nutritional support
  • 600 chickens have recently been distributed to 6 sub-counties to boost income generation through egg-laying.

While there are many reasons to celebrate, the Centre still faces challenges in reaching its goals. Joining the HART visit to Uganda was Power for the People who assessed the potential of using solar power units and an agricultural programme to help the Centre become sustainable.

Read HART’s visit report to find out more about the work of PAORINHER

We are also fundraising to help PAORINHER buy a second-hand tractor with which they can turn wasted land into a source of nutrition and income. Click here to watch what Raymond, the Centre’s chairman, did to help raise funds!


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