November Humanitarian Update: South Kordofan and Blue Nile States, Sudan

18 December 2014

The South Kordofan & Blue Nile Coordination Unit, which works with local civil society organisations and international humanitarian actors to share credible information on humanitarian needs in the two conflict-affected states,  has just released its November update. 

The update states: “The month was marked by an increase in aerial bombardment by SAF in both SK and BN, compared with the previous three months. The Government of Sudan was consistent in its stated focus on the ‘Decisive Summer Campaign’ to end the rebellion in the two areas. The bombings contributed to reduction in household food security in at least two ways; firstly, discouraging household members from venturing into their farms to harvest their crops; and secondly, directly damaging and destroying un-harvested cereal crops and already harvested grain stores.”

In South Kordofan:

– More than 100 bombs were dropped in 12 different villages, resulting in the damage of more than 40 households, and the deaths of 3 civilians.

– As a result of the fear of aerial bombardment, many have fled their homes, usually for the nearest rocky hillsides and caves which are perceived to be safer.

– Up to 500 fedans of sorghum has been destroyed, much of which was deliberately set of fire by Sudan Armed Forces personnel.

In Blue Nile:

– Between the 10th and 21st November, monitors reported 16 Antonov bombing raids, dropping more than 40 bombs in 14 different villages.

– 5 households were destroyed and 1 civilian was killed.

– More than 100 households were displaced.

– A majority of households in three payams are experiencing serious food insecurity. This is exacerbated by the prices of food in the markets, which have increased by up to 70%.

– Aerial bombardment has reduced the size of many household farms and has prevented cultivation.

– There are severe shortages of essential drugs, medicines and vaccines for children and pregnant women.

Download the full report below. 

To find out more about the situation in South Kordofan and Blue Nile, please visit this page or get in touch. 

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