The 25 Voices exhibition

1 January 2013

A glimpse into the lives of those at the centre of a “frozen conflict”

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART) is pleased to announce the creation of our new exhibition 25 Voices: Hopes and Dreams from Nagorno Karabakh .  This exhibition features photographs and stories celebrating the hopes and dreams of 25 ordinary people in Karabakh, accessible online at:

The 25 Voices project presents a glimpse into the lives of those at the centre of a “frozen conflict”. Undeterred by economic and political isolation, and the fragile nature of peace in the region, they are developing their country and attempting to build bridges to the rest of the world. This exhibition is a platform for their stories to be told and their hopes voiced to the wider world; and a reminder that no-one can be forgotten.

Baroness Cox has worked in the Armenian region of Nagorno Karabakh since 1991 and witnessed first-hand the suffering and devastation of the Karabakh War of the early 1990’s.  Today HART is working in Nagorno Karabakh to support a groundbreaking Rehabilitation Centre which gives treatment to people with disabilities.

In July 2011 HART took an international group of 35 supporters and staff on a pilgrimage across the post-war Karabakh region. Along the way, a small group was involved with photographing local Armenians, and interviewing them about their experiences of the war and their hopes for the future.

Baroness Cox, CEO of HART, says: “Through these photographs and stories we invite you to come and share our celebration of the historic culture, the magnificent land, the courageous people and the treasures in the hidden “garden” country of Nagorno Karabakh”

Photographs by Andrew Philip

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