Winners of the HART Prize for Human Rights Announced!

18 April 2016


HPFHR event pic


In an event last Tuesday 12th April in London, we announced the winners of this year’s HART Prize for Human Rights. Over the past few months, we have been reaching out to young people across the UK and beyond, letting them know about HART’s work, our partners, and the competition itself. We have had a tremendous response, with an astounding 141 entries!


Entrants were asked to produce an essay or creative piece about human rights in one or more of the eight countries where HART works, focusing particularly on underreported issues.


We were delighted by the entries we received, which demonstrated widespread passion for human rights amongst young people, and a remarkable depth of engagement with complex issues. The quality of entries was excellent, which made the competition very difficult. We would like to offer huge congratulations to everyone who entered!


Here, without further ado, is the list of winning entries in each category:


Senior Essay


1st: Daniel Cullen – ‘Discuss the roles of different actors in the reconciliation process in South Sudan.’ 

2nd: Suzie McCarthy – ‘A clash between the desire to uphold the law of territorial integrity for Azerbaijan and the right to self-determination for Nagorno-Karabakh are the main drivers of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Discuss.’

Joint 3rd: Srinidhi Akkur – ‘Transcending Gender, Caste and Creed: The Devadasi System and the March towards a Tagorean Future’

And, James Thorpe – ‘Healing Communities Through The Arts In Northern Uganda’


Junior Essay


1st: Charlotte Evans – ‘South Sudan’s search for peace; the responsibility of leadership in the challenge of nation building’ 

2nd: Archie Barker – If you were the President or Prime Minister of one of the countries in which HART works, what would you do to improve the human rights 

situation in that country and how would you do it?’ (Country focus: Burma)

Joint 3rd: Selvan Senthilkumaran – ‘Excluding the right to life, what do you believe is the most important human right?’

And, Manon Powrie – ‘To what extent have geographical factors played in the limited right to food in South Sudan?’


Senior Creative


1st: Pankhuri Agarwal & The Storygraphers – ‘Freedom Matters–A Call for Action against Human Trafficking’ (Documentary)

2nd: Mona Yapova – ‘A Long Walk to Democracy’ (Painting, picture here below)

3rd: Afiqah Adnan – ‘Home’ (Poetry)

AlongwalktoDemocracy (1)

‘A Long Walk to Democracy’, by Mona Yapova.

Junior Creative


1st: Opefoluwa Sarah Adegbite – ‘i write of things i do not know’ (Poetry)

2nd: Martha Harrison – ‘The Silence in South Sudan’ (Documentary)

3rd: Sadie Carder – ‘Cast out Caste’ (Drawing/Sketch, see below)


Entry N.85 - Pic2

‘Cast out Caste’, by Sadie Carder.


Huge congratulations once again to everyone who entered. Thank you all so much for making the HART Prize for Human Rights a great success! 


For photographs from the event, visit our Facebook page:


We will be publishing more entries on the HART blog over the coming weeks.


To find out more about HART, or to get involved, please get in touch with Satya at We look forward to hearing from you!


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