HART Prize for Human Rights- Winners Announced

27 March 2019

A big congratulations to all those who participated in the 2019 HART Prize for Human Rights! 

This year we had a record number of entries from an eclectic number of countries around the world, and this was our toughest competition yet! Regardless of the results, all entrants to the competition should be very proud of their accomplishments. We are impatiently waiting for next years HART Prize competition!

The following are the winners from each category:

Junior Essay:

  1. Isabella Kwiecinski
  2. Audrea Wang
  3. Alexia Lowe

Junior Creative:

  1. Yudeesha Sen and Shalet Scariah
  2. Tingting Zhang and Rachel Deakin
  3. Hattie Bunce and Noah Adams
  4. Neviah-Rae Shako and Charlotte Sollars

Intermediate Essay:

  1. Emily Emiru
  2. Gillian Gyamfi
  3. Aili Channer

Intermediate Creative:

  1. Martha Langley
  2. Beck Broom and Opefoluwa Sarah Adegbite
  3. Joshua Shortman

Senior Essay:

  1. Amber Amelia Smith
  2. Thomas Jaynes
  3. Maya Muller

Senior Creative:

  1. Hay-Ching Tang
  2. Alex Parnham-Cope and Mandhla Ashley Mavolwane
  3. Sana Arooj Mahmood

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the HART Prize, please do not hesitate to email

Thank you again to all those who participated!


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