HART Prize for Human Rights 2019| De-Territorial

27 March 2019

This year we received a record number of entries from a diverse range of countries, resulting in our toughest competition yet! We were truly impressed by the quality, creativity, and passion for Human Rights demonstrated by our participants, and toughly enjoyed all the submissions we received.

Senior Creative joint 2nd place winner Alex Parnham-Cope with Trustee Jo Russell

Alex Parnham-Cope won the joint 2nd place in our HART Prize for Human Rights Senior Creative Competition 2019 with their entry titled:



This piece is entitled “De-Territoral” and is a personal reflection on the Syrian refugee crisis. The subject matter is a study from a photo taken of an actual refugee child in Syria. The word “De-territorial” is inscribed in the top section of the piece in Arabic.
The naive, chaotic rendering is supposed to evoke a feeling of distress and displacement, with the child abstracted from a background and place in front of a Syrian flag, which is symbolically decontructed around him. In particular the facial features are abstracted so as to anonymise the boy; he could be any of the hundreds of thousands of children fleeing Syria, and so this image is not specific to his story or identity, but a holistic comment on a vastly wider issue.


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