World Water Day: How HART’s Partner in South Sudan Helped Get Water to Vulnerable Communities During COVID-19

22 March 2021


In May 2020, HART supported the sale of cheap and reliable water to vulnerable households living in Wau town. The arrival of COVID-19 saw the Government of South Sudan and the UN send thousands of displaced persons, who had been residing in Churches and UN camps, back to their villages without preparation.

As a result, community tensions grew due to a lack of available water sources and overcrowding around the few water sources available. HART supported the Diocese of Wau to purchase a water tank that could sell households water at a rate of less than 50% of what was already available. This enabled poor households, who would otherwise travel long distances to overcrowded water pumps, to maintain social distancing and good hygiene practices. The project also enabled the Diocese to launch its first income generating project. This is crucial to ensure the Diocese is prepared to respond to emergencies and continue supporting the wide-reaching community programmes that they manage.

Diocesan members delivering water to households in Wau Town.

HART Partner Archbishop Moses Deng Bol said: “We wholeheartedly thank those who supported this project. Your support has enabled us to fight COVID-19 by providing clean water to families, hence saving them from fetching water from overcrowded boreholes. This has enabled those we were able to reach to observe social distancing. This programme has also saved young women and girls from walking long distances to water points and waiting in long queues for a very long time. HART’s support has allowed us to both reduce conflict over water sources and increase the sustainability of the Church through helping us to generate a small income. We are sincerely grateful for your generous support and wish your supporters God’s blessing.”


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