NEW Report – ‘Large-Scale Developments in Burma Uncovering Trends in Human Rights Abuse’

20 March 2015

HART has published a report compiling evidence from different investigations to highlight trends in Human Rights abuse being committed to make way for large-scale development projects.

Local people have been subjected to forced relocations, land grabbing, and loss of livelihoods with little or no compensation and disregard for the impacts on their lives by those heading up the projects. This has increased the propensity for conflict and further strained relationships between ethnic communities and the Government.

At a time when the Burmese economy is increasingly opening up and international companies are flocking to get a piece of Burma’s rich natural resources that are so far largely untouched, it is vital that the systems for such projects change to become more sustainable. The current air of secrecy needs to be lifted, local communities need to be involved in decision-making and if relocation is necessary, it must be ensured that the procedure follows international standards and that people are not left in a worse position than they currently are in, as is the case moment.

Only through such necessary standards can economic development in the form of large-scale development projects be fruitful for the country of Burma.

Please read the full report (available to download below) for details on human rights violations, case studies and recommendations.


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