Weekly News Round-Up (11/09/15)

11 September 2015


  • Though an improvement, the new minimum wage cannot cover basic living expenses, workers claim in an interview with Burma News International.  
  • For the upcoming Burmese election there are about 6,200 candidates and 92 parties,  but not one representative from the Muslim population.
  • Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have been prevented from voting after being forced to return their government identity cards.
  • Hugo Swire, Minister of Asia believes in the positive change the elections may bring, and states that the elections on 8 November have the prospect of being the first time since 1960 that the people of Burma have their voices heard nationwide at the ballot box – even if there remain unresolved constitutional issues around them.”



  • Increased violence around the borders of Nagorno-Karabakh have been reported.
  • Azerbaijan has launched a hysteria campaign against the ongoing democratic process in Nagorno-Karabakh. Elections are due to take place on the 13th of September.
  • The Azerbaijani community in Nagorno-Karabakh claims that the elections are illegal.
  • Azerbaijan is holding military exercises along the border to nagorno-Karabakh, up until the elections.  


South Sudan


  • A new report from Human Rights Watch  catalogs the atrocities committed towards civilians by the Sudanese Security forces. The report describes killings, torture, gang-rape and live burning of innocent villagers.
  • Two humanitarian workers (OCHA) were shot to death on Thursday. The gunmen have not been identified.
  • Water shortages have caused people to demonstrate in Khartoum. Injuries of participants have been reported, after the police used force to disperse the crowds.
  • The Falata and Salamat tribes in South Darfur have agreed to end hostilities and reach a permanent peace agreement.



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