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July 10th, 2015

Baroness Cox delivers speech in House of Lords debate on refugees and migrants

  Yesterday, 9th July, Baroness Cox delivered a speech on the refugee crises in Burma and Sudan and the urgent need for cross-border aid, as part of a House of Lords debate on refugees and migrants from Africa and Asia. The debate was initiated by a motion put forward by Lord Alton, “That this House takes note of the displacement of refugees and migrants from Asia and Africa and to the long-term and short-term measures to address their plight”....

June 17th, 2015

Baroness Cox asks the Government to recognise the 1915 killings of Armenians and other ethnic groups as genocide

Yesterday (16th June), Baroness Cox raised a short oral question in the House of Lords, asking the British Government “whether they have any plans to recognise the killings of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians in 1915 as genocide.” In the year of the 100th anniversary of the killings, this is a particularly relevant issue, and Baroness Cox asked the Government to carry out a review of their current refusal, set out in 2013, to recognise the atrocities as genocide....

May 29th, 2015

Baroness Cox’s contribution to the House of Lords debate on the Queen’s Speech, 28/05/2015

On the 28th May, the House of Lords opened for the ‘Debate on the Humble Address – foreign affairs, European affairs, international development and defence’. Baroness Cox used this opportunity to highlight to the House ongoing human rights abuse against ethnic minorities in Burma, particularly in the Shan and Kachin states and genocide in Sudan, focusing on the Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan....

November 18th, 2014

Baroness Cox contributes to the House of Lords Second Reading of the Modern Slavery Bill

Yesterday (17th November 2014), members of the House of Lords participated in the Second Reading of the Modern Slavery Bill. Baroness Cox’s speech focused on three key areas of the Bill that require amendments in order for it more completely confront slavery in its many forms....

October 31st, 2014

Baroness Cox raises question on developments in Northern Nigeria at the House of Lords

On Thursday October 30th 2014, Baroness Cox raised a question in the House of Lords on the recent developments in Nigeria. The Baroness asked “Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of recent developments in Nigeria, with particular reference to the terrorist activities of Boko Haram.” The Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Baroness Anelay of St Johns, acknowledged the serious threat posed to Nigeria by Boko Haram, highlighting that “more than 3,000 people have been killed by Boko Haram this year and more than 1.5 million people have been displaced.” Moreover, the Minister reported the government’s awareness of “reports that Nigerian authorities have agreed a ceasefire with Boko Haram and are in ongoing negotiations.” The minister also mentioned the government’s knowledge of “reports of Boko Haram attacks since the ceasefire announcement.” The government, Baroness Anelay concluded, is “[monitoring] events closely.” Baroness Cox then brought to the Peers’ attention that, having visited areas afflicted by Boko Haram’s insurgency, “the scale of suffering to which [the Minister] refers massively exceeds that reported by the media.” She highlighted that “this year alone 2,000 women and girls have been abducted”, a figure that includes “the widely publicized kidnapping of the schoolgirls at Chibok”....

October 31st, 2014

House of Lords Debate: Combatting Slavery in Supply Chains

Of the 30 million people around the world currently estimated to be living in slavery, the majority are in the private sector. Their situation is often hidden at the bottom of long, convoluted supply chains, allowing big businesses to abdicate responsibility for the exploi...

June 18th, 2014

Baroness Cox asks for an assessment of the situation in the city of Mosul, Iraq in the House of Lords.

On the 17th June, Baroness Cox asked Her Majesty’s Government “what is their assessment of the situation in the city of Mosul following its capture by Islamic militant members of the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham (ISIS); and of the safety of those who have fled the cit...

June 12th, 2014

Sexual violence in Sudan and Burma: Baroness Cox responds to the Queens’ Speech

In her contribution to the debate on the Queens’ Speech, Baroness Cox highlighted the plight of women suffering from sexual violence in war, particularly in places where Governments allow it to continue with impunity. Baroness Cox reminded peers that all is not well...

December 23rd, 2013

Baroness Cox joins a debate on North Korea

On the 18th December, Baroness Cox joined a short debate on North Korea, raised by Lord Alton of Liverpool. Lord Alton asked the British Government “what is their assessment of the impact of events in North Korea on security and human rights”. His question followed the recent execution of Chang Song-thaek, uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and a powerful figure in the country....

December 10th, 2013

Baroness Cox raises a Question for debate on Burma

Yesterday in the House of Lords, Baroness Cox asked the British Government what ‘their assessment [is] of recent developments in Burma with regard to the situation of the ethnic national groups, in particular the Kachin, Shan and Rohingya peoples.’ The Senior Minister of State, Baroness Warsi (Con), responded that the Government welcomes the ‘continuing talks between the Burmese Government and ethnic groups’ but remains ‘concerned by recent reports of fighting in Kachin state and continue[s] to argue for full humanitarian access.’ The noble minister reported that the Government continues to ‘monitor tensions in Rakhine state and press[es] for improved security and accountability, better co-ordination of humanitarian assistance and a solution to the question of Rohingya citizenship.’ Baroness Cox pressed the minister on the subjects of ‘massive civilian displacement’, the Burmese Army’s ‘continuing military offensive’ and ‘violations of human rights’, specifically on the subject of the proposed cooperation between the British and Burmese armies....
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