Winners of the HART Prize for Human Rights Announced!

15 April 2015

In an event last night in London, we announced the winners of this year’s HART Prize for Human Rights. Over the past few months, we have been reaching out to young people across the UK, letting them know about HART’s work, our partners, and the competition itself. We have had a tremendous response, with an unprecedented number of entries to the competition – 163 in total!

Entrants were asked to produce an essay or creative piece about human rights in one or more of the eight countries where HART works, focusing particularly on underreported issues. We received 89 essays and 74 creative entries.

We were delighted by the entries we received, which demonstrated widespread passion for human rights amongst young people, and a remarkable depth of engagement with complex issues.

The quality of entries was extremely high, and so the competition was very close. We would like to offer huge congratulations to everyone who entered.

Here, without further ado, is the list of winning entries in each category:


Junior Essay

1st: Jefferi Hamzah Sendut – ‘To what extent is the international criminal court’s suspension of investigations on alleged war crimes in Sudan justified?’ | read it here

2nd: James Bradley – ‘Karen: A boy with no name, a people with no rights’

3rd: Clementine Scott – ‘After the atrocities of the Holocaust, the world swore “Never again”. So why, 70 years on, are genocides still happening?’


Junior Creative

1st: Kashi Syal – ‘Private Parts’ (Poetry) | read it here

2nd: Aimee Billingsley – ‘Hands Up’ (Sketch and painting)

3rd: Amy Louise Pain – ‘Crying Boy’ (Sketch)


Senior Essay

1st: Elodie Jacoby – ‘Human Rights Cycles of Conflict: The Experience of Sudan’ | read it here

2nd: Gillian Wong Miswardi – ‘Life in limbo: past, present, and future in Nagorno – Karabakh’

3rd: Andrew Barlow – ‘The vicious cycle of conflict in northern Nigeria: assess the relationship between the escalating Boko Haram insurgency and Nigeria’s vast inequality’


Senior Creative

1st: Emma Peta Guttus – ‘Born to Fight’ (Painting and Accompanying Poem, pictured below)

2nd: Samantha Castledine – ‘The Discover Sudan, Uncover Sudan Project’ (Interactive Box)

3rd: Kelly Barnet – ‘Death of a Husband’ (Poetry)


Huge congratulations once again to everyone who entered. With so many excellent entries, the competition was very tough!

For photographs from the event, please click here. We will be publishing more entries on the HART blog over the coming weeks.

To find out more about HART, or to get involved, please get in touch with Alice at We look forward to hearing from you!

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